World Cup semi-finals

Lionel Messi

It’s been one heck of a tournament and now we’re drawing to a close. With just two games left, the Netherlands take on Argentina and Brazil take on Germany.
For an armchair supporter, you really could not have hoped for a better two games left for the tournament. Imagine the potential of a Germany Holland final, or a Brazil vs Argentina one.

Here’s our analysis for the last two games:

Germany – Brazil
Without Neymar, you have to feel for Brazil – they’re going to struggle. Fred and Hulk, the other two strikers for Brazil, are struggling. Meanwhile Germany seem to be in rampant form and are well prepared. Without the defensive captain Thiago Silva, you have to worry about the Brazilians too…

Prediction: Germany 3-1 Brazil. First goalscorer, Mesut Ozil

Holland – Argentina
This is going to be a cracking game. Holland just scraped past Costa Rica whilst Argentina also just about beat Belgium. Can Argentina continue their storm to the final? We’ll have to wait and see. Holland will be tired.. having just endured a difficult game against the Costa Ricans.

Prediction: The Netherlands 1-2 Argentina. First goalscorer, Lionel Messi